Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Would you let your boyfriend wear Versace for H&M?

Versace for H&M Men\'s Collection

H&M creative directorMargareta Van Den Bosch is the woman who brought the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo - and now Versace - into the H&M fold, but how easy was it to persuade such big names to work with them? "We see the designer collaboration as a process that strengthens our brand. At the same time, the business idea to offer fashion and quality at the best value gives our customers the opportunity to buy designer items at H&M prices while allowing the designer a lot more focus to, and attention on the creative process. 
I was very optimistic about the forthcoming Versace for H&M collaboration, because the photos and advertisements we’ve seen for its women’s clothing are very, very promising. We wish we could say the same thing about the men’s stuff
 With Less Than One Month To Go, More Versace For H&M Ads Emerge
If you’ve seen the men’s clothes before now, forgive me — it was only a short time ago that our own eyes were assaulted with the nuclear neon glow of a sweater printed with palm fronds that look like they want to eat your children. And only shortly after that did were we prevailed upon to look at a dude in a pink-and-leopard print sarong, sitting next to a guy who didn’t get the memo that leather pants with gold thigh panels probably don’t make that much sense for spring. His sparkly black mesh tank top, whipped back over his neck, fits right in. Granted, these are just look book images — the ads, which star model River Viiperi, are a lot more covered up, even if they are just as, um, eye-opening.

The one bright spot in all this dayglo darkness seems to be the pants — they look like they fit impeccably well, and brave enough guys will find success pairing the pink and blue ones with shirts that actually button come springtime. Other than that, this sort of looks like Donatella was designing clothes for the harem of tightly muscled men who carry her around on a divan and fetch her glasses of ice water. And we had such high hopes. In the pre-collection images, there was photo of a guy wearing a smart suit, and we’d assumed the rest of the collection would carry in that vein. We’re sad we were wrong.

But that’s just what we think. Take a look at the collection below and tell us how you’re feeling about all this.

Check Out The Looks From Versace’s H&M Collection!

Versace H&M Men\'s Collection

Versace for H&M Men\'s Collection

Versace for H&M Men\'s Collection