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Diamonds, just like your marriage, are an investment, and have been an investment device for several thousand years.

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Everyone knows the significance of engagement rings and how precious they are when received from your loved one. That magical moment when you propose to your loved one would hardly be as romantic without engagement rings. They represent the symbol of your love and commitment, as well as the promise of a future filled with beautiful hopes and dreams. Engagement rings represent a new beginning, one that women look forward to all their adolescence and early adult years. Every woman dreams of the moment when her loved one will propose to her in a special and romantic way, and, as you must realize, engagement rings are a very important part in this scenario. It’s not the engagement ring itself that will win your lady’s heart, because you have already done that, but it will certainly make her very happy. You must have seen or heard about the impact that engagement rings have on the women to whom they are gifted, and if we’re talking about diamond engagement rings, they will be all the more impressed. Diamond engagement rings have the romantic appeal that every woman is impressed with. Your future bride will take pride in wearing the diamond engagement ring you give her, not only because it represents her commitment and love for you, but also because it is 
There is a wide variety of precious that are used for engagement rings. This, as well as the diversity of their cuts, shapes and designs gives you a multitude of options for your engagement ring.


Many experts name color as the number one consideration in choosing a diamond. A diamond's color is graded on an alphabetical scale from D-Z, with D being absolutely colorless and Z being light yellow. Beyond "Z", a diamond is considered to be an exotic or "Fancy" color.
ColorlessNear ColorlessFaint YellowVery Light YellowLight Yellow

Since color differences can be so subtle, they are impossible to determine by the untrained eye. To grade a diamond, gemologists often place it on a white background next to another diamond that has been previously graded.
If all other factors are equal, the less color in a diamond or the higher color rating, the more valuable a diamond becomes. Likewise, as the amount of color increases, the price of a diamond decreases (though this does not necessarily reduce the beauty of a diamond.)

All diamonds have identifying characteristics, but most are invisible to the naked eye. To view a diamond, experts use a 10x magnifying loupe which allows them to see the appearance of tiny crystals, feathers or clouds. These natural phenomena are called inclusions.There are five categories in class that anyone interested in purchasing a diamond should be aware of when grading clarity.

Internally Flawless
Very Very Slightly
Very Slightly
Slightly Imperfect

FL (Flawless) - IF (Internally Flawless)
Flawless Diamonds reveal no flaws on the surface or internally are the rarest and most beautiful gems.

How Much engagement diamond should cost??

One of these rules, is the idea that a suitor needs to spend two months of his salary on the most beautiful engagement ring she could ever hope to wear.



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