Monday, October 31, 2011

Long Skirts

Women’s long skirts are one of the favorite fashion trends either during summer or winter. It is always loved by young aged girls as coming in may designs that casual styles, and preferred by most of the old ladies as so suitable for formal and even occasional purposes. There are many types of women’s long skirts and they differ in the design according to the local fashion trend, the season trend, the designer’s creation and the length; which is what determines the skirt model.

The most favorite long skirt design is the maxi skirt. A maxi skirt is usually defined as a casual lower garment that covers the whole legs and extends to the ankles or longer. It can be made of many fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, linen, jersey, crepe and even wool during winter season.

Marcela Mc Gowan (

 Thassia (

Olivia Palermo

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The last is Nicole (

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Manicure Ideas

Halloween manicure ideas

With Halloween just 1 days away it's time to get creative and creepy with some Halloween manicure ideas. From spiders to skeleton designs and spooky colors there's just about anything for anyone. There's so many fun ways to dress up this Halloween and even if you can't find anything to wear at least your nails will show off your Halloween spirit. There are a few special colors you will need black, white, silver, yellow, orange and clear nail polish. Make it a fun night with your friends and get into the spooky feeling of Halloween 

The World’s Most Expensive Barbie Doll

I grew up playing with Barbies dolls. I started playing with Barbies when I was 7-years-old with my younger sister, and I didn’t stop playing with them until I was 14 or 15. We had a huge collection of Barbie dolls, including a big doll house  a Barbie boat, her pick up truck, her covetable and huge collection of clothes. I remember even packing her stuff and taking her along with us on trips. It resulted in hours and hours of fun playing dress up. I must admit, collecting her clothes and accessories was quite expensive. I remember us only getting new Barbie stuff at our birthday and Christmas.
I was browsing through the web today looking for some cool toys, and I noticed an article about the most expensive Barbie dolls. I was amazed at the price of some of the limited-edition dolls that are in existence

he World’s Rarest Barbie by Stefano Canturi (amazing jewelry designer) to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Stefano Canturi, world renowned jewelry designer, was recently chosen by Mattel to create the world’s most expensive Barbie.

The neckpiece is created out of 3 carats of exquisite white diamonds coupled with a 1 carat square emerald cut pink diamond in the center. The pink diamond has a purplish pink hue and is known to be extremely rare

Verushka Barbie Doll

Verushka Barbie Doll

Barbie Grace Kelly Bride Doll designed by Robert Best

Grace Kelly Barbie Bride Doll – (03)

Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® Doll designed by Bill Greening

Galaxy Barbie Doll

Vamp It Up with Countess Dracula Barbie Doll

Countess Dracula Barbie Doll

Bob Mackie Circus Barbie Doll

Bob Mackie Circus Barbie Doll

Friday, October 28, 2011


As evening bags go, it would be hard to better the Artemis range from Christian Louboutin at the moment. A highly customisable shape and style, there is endless fun to be had with the Artemis bag, and M. Louboutin himself seems to be more than happy to create more and more variations on this elegant theme. 

From decadent feathers and animal print to fearsome spikes and studs, you can get whatever look you want with this bag. We love the way the strap goes wide around the shoulder, adding a structural, almost industrial feel to what is otherwise a very ladylike handbag. 

Christian Louboutin Artemis Bag

“These bags give a language to the upper body; they allow a woman to play with her shoulders,” says Louboutin.
An exceptional pieces !


Loren Jewels is considered a must have by Hollywood’s elite. Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Joel Madden, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Paulina Rubio and Marc Anthony are among those often seen wearing Loren Jewels. Each piece in this exquisite collection is created to the highest possible standard. Each is handcrafted using only the finest materials and the most extraordinary gemstones in the world. The collection's focus is on precious metals and gemstones including diamond, pearl, blue sapphire, bakelite, tourmaline, rose quartz, emerald, black onyx, and tanzanite.

Senior Vice President of Internet retailing giant and SHOP.COM, Creator of the award winning cosmetic line, Motives® by Loren Ridinger and the uber-luxurious skincare line, Cellular Laboratories™, and Founder of the exquisite jewelry collection, Loren Jewels®.

Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. Her impeccable style has established her as one of today’s leading trendsetters. She has been named to Vogue’s Top 100 as one of their most influential women and selected by Haute Living Magazine as one of New York’s and Miami’s most influential people.

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kim kardashian sexy gown
The beautiful wife of Kris Humphries opted for very interesting silver accessories that added ultimate glam to her look. She rocked eye-catching Loren jewels drop earrings.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crochet Fashion

A recently popular trend of crochet dresses has really brought crochet elements to the forefront and a variety of designers are bringing these great elements into a number of modern dresses.  

 ferragamo  corchet dress.


Emilio Pucci

Vanessa Montoro

Vanessa Montoro

celebrities in crochet dress