Friday, October 14, 2011


Straight  from the  runways in everything from metallic and midnight to indigo and electric blue this stand out shade has hit the high street.
The electric blue mania is making a comeback! After two years of frenzy, 2010 was a year of break. In 2011 we find special dresses worn by celebrities, all of a royal blue!

Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Kylie Minogue
At the 2011 BAFTA Awards, Jessica Alba has looked like a princess of the ancient Greece.
The actress wore a long, flowing dress, from Versace. Details were noted on the bodice and massive jewels were matched so well with the vibrant color of the dress.
Just days ago, in a fashion show held in Mexico, Olivia Wilde wore a gorgeous dress, royal blue obviously!
Half a year ago, Kylie wore a non-conformist dress. The singer loves the color blue and all shades thereof, so that her choice did not surprise anyone.
The asymmetrical dress had a bold cut and fully represents Kylie!
Rosario Dawson, Blake Lively, Sofia Vergara
At the party that followed the 2011 Oscars, the actress Rosario Dawson was wearing a long dress, electric blue, from Diane Von Furstenberg.
Creation fully sprinkled with sequins, drawstring waist, butterfly sleeves and the dress cut mixed perfectly with the gray shoes and diamonds that Rosario wore.
At the Elle awards this year, the beautiful Blake Lively appeared on the red carpet in a gorgeous Emilio Pucci dress.
A combination of impressed electric blue and purple and gold, so the look was a winner one!
Sofia Vergara, the actress from the series “A modern family, was daring at the 2011 SAG Awards. She chose an electric blue dress from Roberto Cavalli, a molded one, refined with a V-neckline, very sexy.
Paris Hilton, Emily Osment, Nina Dobrev
Paris Hilton wears royal blue, she looks very good in it!
Short dress, stylish animal print, a pair of matching tights, dark, with a pair of boots, black and fur. I think all would have been much more successful without the fur coat, but overall, it’s a good mix!
Emily Osment showed fabulous at the MTV Awards 2010 in a gown from Max Azria.
The satin material attracted more the visual effect of electric blue, and the details carved into the fabric were delighting the view.
Nina Dobrev has chosen a very chic combination: short electric blue dress, silk satin with a corset, plus a pair of black heeled sandals and a blue jacket engine, leather.
The cobalt dress is signed BCBG.

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