Sunday, November 20, 2011

MAC’s New Viva Glam Campaign with RICK MARTIN AND NICKI MINAJ

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this campaign pic ever since we heard that Nicki ‘n’ Ricky would be the new MAC Viva Glam ambassadors, replacing Lady GagaIn this campaign shot by David LaChapelle, Nicki crouches cat-like on a motorcycle, curves a-blaze in hot pink (vinyl? pleather?) and a rainbow of neon color on her face, while Ricky stands behind her, triumphantly holding an enormous lipstick over his head and making one of his signature, “I’m Ricky Martin and I’m sexy, bitches” faces. Perfection. You can buy their Viva Glam line this February, and all proceeds will benefit the MAC AIDS fund.

Here some of the old campaign.


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