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Our obsession with street style never waivers, but with a batch of beautiful ladies getting behind the camera, our passion just stepped up an excitable notch or two.  2011 was the year the girls really hit street style’s highest heights – and they’re proving they can get the job done just as well as any of the boys, and look damn good doing it too. They’re snapped as much as they snap, and we’re not quite sure how they look so glamorous and unflustered whilst dashing around getting the greatest shots of ADR et al, but they do….
Tamu McPherson fashion street style.jpg

Tamu McPherson

FASHION STATS: Tamu’s street style blog, All the Pretty Birds, was set up in 2008 after the fashion bug caught her – she was originally training to be a lawyer! New Yorker Tamu was appointed as Fashion Director of Grazia Italia earlier this year.
Tamu McPherson fashion street style.jpg
SIGNATURE STYLE: Although a pair of Miu Miu neon green heels was one of her most spotted fashion week choices, she cemented running trainers as a chic and acceptable alternative last September – and shamed an entire brigade of stiletto-wearing hobblers in the process!
Main image: Tommy Ton. Other images: Vicki Adamson/ASP.
Hanneli Mustaparta fashion style

Hanneli Mustaparta

FASHION STATS: Is there anything Norwegian native Hanneli doesn’t do? This model/photographer/blogger/stylist/VJ was recently snapped up as the face of Rag & Bone’s JEAN campaign and finds herself on many a best-dressed list. Her website is mega online and she’s even had her face printed on a range of Zara tees!
SIGNATURE STYLE: Hanneli’s winter wardrobe is full of winter whites and pastels at the moment – but she’s crisp, cool and chicly turned out all year. There’s not a scruffy bone in this girl’s body, and whilst she champions Scandinavian labels like Acne and Stine Goya, her collection of Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Mulberry is enviable. 
Images from Hanneli's blog and Phill Taylor.
Garance Doré fashion street style.jpg

Garance Doré

FASHION STATS: Garance Doré and Scott ‘The Sartorialist’ Schuman are THE power couple in this street style biz, but photographer, writer and illustrator Garance captures intimate moments – and more often than not, full convos - with ladies who fascinate her. She entertains us daily with her musings on the merits of hiking boots orhow brilliant Pears soap is.
Garance Doré fashion street style.jpg
SIGNATURE STYLE: Corsican-born Garance oozes Parisienne cool and simplicity. Bon chic, bon genre. And neutral is the name of her game.
All images The Sartorialist.
Candice Lake fashion style

Candice Lake

FASHION STATS: Australian model-turned-photographer Candice travels the globe shooting street style for every glossy mag going. See her work here.
SIGNATURE STYLE: Elegant, understated and lucky enough to look so fabulous in flats. Candice oftens jazzes up her a look with a head-turning hat.
Images L-R: Streetpeer, Vicki Adamson/ASP, Guest of a Guest.
Mia Marionette fashion street style

Mia Marionette

FASHION STATS: So Norway churns out great street style photographers, huh? Scandi girl Mia is still relatively unknown – but her quirky personal style already has just as much of a following as her blog.
SIGNATURE STYLE: Cute-o-rama and approachable - she's very fond of a midi skirt.
Images L-R: Refinery 29, Vicki Adamson/ASP, David Adams.
Natalie Joos fashion street style

Natalie Joos

FASHION STATS: Belgian-born New York-based Natalie is a fashion power house – multitasking between her full time job as a fashion consultant and casting agent and creating her wonderful blog, Tales of Endearment.
SIGNATURE STYLE: She’s all about the unadulterated girliness – and we LOVE it. Natalie has the best selection of statement knits, and with her connections she’ll rock up in pieces swiped straight from the catwalk, too.
All images Vicki Adamson/ASP
Marianne Theodorsen fashion street style.jpg

Marianne Theodorsen

FASHION STATS: And here’s ANOTHER cool Norwegian girl! Marianne’s ultra-nonchalant style and cropped (currently red) ‘do has really boomed online – with many bloggers branding her as an absolute fashion inspiration.
SIGNATURE STYLE: Well, anyone who can successfully mix a skinny band tee with a polka dot pencil skirt gets a thumbs up from us. Check out more of her punk-fused looks on her blog Style Devil. 

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