Thursday, January 26, 2012


The Urban Decay Naked 2 Has Landed!

The Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 was just released . 

The launch of the first Naked palette last year caused such an up stir in the beauty community, its gorgeous wearable colours and soft buttery texture has our hearts won over instantly and it sold out within a few days! now I think almost everyone owns one of these palettes, I would be lost without mine as I can apply the colours without even thinking about it. Naked 2 was launched last month in the US and has now arrived to the UK but if you have Naked 1 do you really need naked 2? the answer is no, you don't! it all depends on whether you WANT naked 2 in your collection. Personally I am happy with both palettes and glad that I now own both of them because I wear neutrals everyday so I can never have enough of them. Some of the shades are similar but to me they are different enough for me to own both of the palettes.
The naked 2 palette contains a miniature lip junkie instead of the primer potion. I think this is a nice little addition and they have done well with the colour of the lip gloss because they have stuck with the naked theme. It is a subtle pink colour which gives the lips a nice tint and would look great worn with any of these eyeshadow colours. It lasts quite a long time on the lips but isn't too sticky like some long lasting lip glosses. It also has a nice minty taste to it which slightly tingles the lips.
The Naked 2 brush still has the synthetic bristles like all of Urban Decays brushes but this one is double ended. One end is the shadow brush and the other is the crease brush which can be used for blending as well. I think this brush is the perfect addition to this palette and not everyone owns both of these brushes so with this, they can create a perfectly blended eyeshadow look by using these.

 When I first saw pictures of this palette I didn't think the tin would be of this much quality but it is very sturdy and closes properly with a satisfying 'CLICK' and it actually looks quite sleek.

Inside looks familiar and the only changes are that the mirror has had an upgrade, it is a lot larger than before and the inside has been made from plastic instead of cardboard.  It still contains 12 eye shadows and they are all very wearable and can be used day and night just like the original palette.


(L-R) Half Baked A bronzy gold with a frost finish
Foxy A creamy beige with a matte finnish
Bootycall  A pearly champaigne white
Chopper A coppery orange with chunks of silver glitter
Snakebite A dark metallic bronze with a frost finish
Tease A muted plum brown with slight shimmer almost matte

(L-R) Pistol A frosty browny gray
Suspect A medium golden tan with a frost finish
YDK A shimmery coppery brown
Verve A frosty grayish pale beige
Blackout A deep dark matte black
Busted A dark shimmery chocolate brown

Naked 1 & 2 comparison
Naked 1 itself is a lot lighter to hold than naked 2 and slightly smaller and the Naked 2 has rounder edges than the Naked 1. The material of the packaging has changed as the naked 2 palette is made from tin rather than cardboard and it doesn't have that soft velvety texture on the outside anymore which I think will make it a lot sturdier as the Naked 1 is prone to getting bashed about with use. The lettering is kept the same on both palettes which makes them recognisable. I am honestly in between both of these, I cannot decide whether I prefer the packaging on Naked 1 or 2 because I love the sleekness and well made tin but I also love the soft velvety texture of naked 2.

The interior of both of these palettes are pretty much the same except Naked 2 has a much larger mirror which I actually prefer as I can see everything I am doing without struggling to see in a small mirror. Naked 1 has the words 'Naked' on the inside which does look nice but I'd rather have the larger mirror. All of the colours are neutral in both palettes and the colours actually look very similar here but I guess you cant tell the difference unless you actually see them for yourself.

Top-Naked 1
Bottom- Naked 2

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